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辭典搜尋 - 柴油引擎

英文: diesel engine

中文: 柴油引擎

簡稱/別名: 迪塞爾引擎

常見於 汽車系統 > 901 其它 > 90104 引擎種類 engine classification

採用迪塞爾循環或混合循環,以壓縮方式點火之內燃機。共軌式柴油引擎介紹影片,請參考: 共軌式柴油引擎運作原理,柴油引擎燃油系統清潔潤滑產品,請參考: 柴油精

Diesel engine: An engine designed to convert chemical energy of fuel into mechanical power, the fuel being ignited by the heat of the air which was compressed by the motion of the piston within the cylinder.